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The seeds for Devils Highway were planted 2009 when the members - vocalist Kyle Thomas, guitarists Ralph Santolla and Jack Owen, bassist Steve DiGiorgio, and drummer Tony Laureano toured Japan as Death Metal All Stars.The idea was to perform songs from their extensive pedigree - Devils Highway members have been vital parts of Death, Exhorder, Obituary, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Iced Earth and many other well known bands. Although Steve DiGiorgio and Ralph Santolla played together in Death, and Santolla and Jack Owen were at the time members of Deicide, the DMAS rehearsals were the first time the 5 had played together as a whole.

They noticed an instant chemistry , the rare alchemy where it just " works". Due to problems with the promoter in Japan that approached tragic/comic levels, what followed could have been a fiasco, the metal equivalent of a crushing football rout .

When the band arrived at the first show, they found out that not only had the promoter completely dropped the ball, but that they were stuck in Japan for nine days whether they played or not . This is when they discovered a great personal chemistry too = instead of imploding, they pulled tighter together, played all of the shows, and had what could politely be called a raging good time.

During the tour they decided to form a band .

Upon returning to the states , they started writing songs together, discovering that this came easily to them as well .

5 songs were written for the demo. Tony Laureano laid down the drums at Obituary's Redneck Studios. Jack and Ralph recorded guitars in New York during a Deicide tour. Kyle tracked his vocals in New Orleans with David Treadway at DDTstudio Productions, and Steve traveled to Tampa to record the bass with Ralph. Things went along very smoothly and rapidly until the band tried to find a name.

This process of exchanging emails with ideas went on for well over a year , eventually deteriorating into " who can think of the funniest name ( started by Jack Owen, naturally ). Then the exchanges started to get to the point of "let's just find a name that none of us hate". This started the whole cycle again. Finally, an unnamed member decided to cut the Gordian knot, and found a name that Jack had suggested, Devils Highway, that no one had objected to, and announced the name to many people, locking it in.

Jack's commitments to Deicide made it difficult to devote enough time to DH, so the band recruited Crowbar guitarist Matt Brunson. 

When Ralph's lifelong friend Ric Maccani proposed forming and funding a production company, Carman Domas, thereby allowing the band to retain complete creative control, the last hurdle was crossed. A studio was recently completed in Bradenton, and all the pieces are in place. 

The debut album will be recorded during summer 2014 at Ralph's Vulture Room Studios in Bradenton Florida, and Treadway's DDTstudio Productions in New Orleans, with a planned release date in fall/winter 2014.

Fans of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, vintage Scorpions, Alice in Chains, Accept, Blue Oyster Cult , and similar bands will feel right at home .